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Comparison - Blume Antifouling System

Based on the antifouling properties of ionic copper plus the corrosion and scale inhibiting capability of aluminum hydroxide

The Blume Antifouling System is safer and more convenient than chemical injection systems:

  • Unlike chemical injection systems, there are no chemicals to handle and keep in inventory.


More reliable than chlorine-based technology:

  • The system chemistry is non-corrosive and inhibits corrosion reliably, whereas improperly operated chlorine-based controls can accelerate corrosion.


Lower capital and operating cost:

  • Compared to sodium hypochlorite generators, the Blume Antifouling System is less expensive to acquire and operate.


More advanced design

  • Compared to other systems employing similar technology, our equipment incorporates numerous design advances.


Blume Antifouling System (Click to download datasheet)


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