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Features - Blume Antifouling System

The Blume System employs:

  • variable current control that improves effectiveness and reduces annual operating costs

  • anode wear monitoring device incorporated in the anodes and control panel that

    • tests circuit continuity and signals when a fault exists

    • provides visual notice (audio or remote alarm contacts optional) of anode renewal requirement

    • automatically shuts off power to anode to prevent compromising safety of mounting assembly

  • Control Panel

    • provides positive voltage and amperage control with independent ammeter for each anode to provide instantaneous readout of complete system condition

    • features rugged construction, easy access for servicing and moderately priced components to help reduce system maintenance expense

    • either standard or explosion-proof control panels for hazardous environments (e.g. oil and gas platforms)

  • Anodes

    • supplied completely assembled to minimize on-site work required and to ensure trouble-fee operation

    • large diameter anodes afford greater design flexibility

    • coated anodes assure bottom-up wear, preventing "hour-glassing" and potential break-off (and damage to pumps, etc.)

    • all anode mounting is from inboard

    • solid mounting bolt design provides higher shear strength, maximizing system safety

  • Made in USA

    • ensures maximum quality control and product reliability

Blume Worldwide Service's design capabilities are based on the broadest range of marine and offshore installations, backed by over 30 years commitment to technology and equipment development. Our varied experience enables us to meet any customer design requirements.


Blume Antifouling System (Click to download datasheet)


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